February 4, 2009

Art Imitates Life.

Maybe it's just me, but dont artists look alot like the characters they draw? I suppose everyone (or at least me) grows up drawing themselves because it's the easiest and most avaliable reference they have. Even so, It is interesting to compare what people look like to their art. My buddies Jeremy and Tucker both look somewhat like the characters they draw, but I've chosen a few artists you might be more (or less?) familiar with. Ive tried not to chose drawings that are self portraits or at least ones that dont look exactly like the artist themself to illustrate the similarities more clearly so that you can get a better feeling for the overall character design vs. face. I encourage all of you to take a look at their sites and find pics of them around places that will give you a better idea of what im talking about.

First off my man Harvey James (who i talked about a few posts ago. Things to look at: Pronounced chin, sideburns, slightly wavy hair, big expressive eyes, and more triangular less rounded noses.

Next up is the hilarious Tony Millionaire. Creator of Maakies (Which I reccomend you read immediately.) My cousin Vonn introduced me to him when I was still in middle school and I've been laughing all the way to the bank ever since. I chose Uncle Gabby to compare him too not as an insult, but to illustrate the large ears, lined face (not nessescarily wrinkly, just very defined) large nose, eyebrows and eyes, chin, and of course, booze.

This is Corey Lewis "The Reyyy" creator of Sharknife, Peng, and other rad comics. He is a wicked talented individual with a hip hop manga mixtape of a look that blows your mind. This is sort of a wacky pic of him but it shows the swishy bangs, large eyebrows, light hair, cheeks and nose.
Reey is also from Seattle, so he gets bonus points.

Another Seattlite Brandon Graham has got a wicked kind of thang going on in his art that inspires me whenever i look at it. As well, his blog is a great resource of comics knowledge (and the main reason i started this one) as well as a great place to go look at his art. Its hard to find good pictures of him on the web, let alone find pictures that he's drawn that aren't just wicked babes with no pants on and samurai swords. Things to look at: the rounded forms in the face especially forehead, cheeks, neck, and nose. Definitely go check this one out and let me know what you think!

Becky Cloonan is a very talented lady and a fantastic storyteller. If you don't know who she is there's a pretty good chance you aren't reading this blog. Things to look out for: Dark, deep set eyes, curvy eyebrows, rounded chin and noses, slightly large cheeks and thick lips.

Paul Pope, the Comics Destroyer himself. Paul pope is the reason for this post. Paul pope is himself an incredibly interesting looking person. His characters are amazing and if you haven't heard of him or seen much of his stuff you should go check it all out. But seriously folks, all of his characters look like him, at least just a little. Things to look for: Thin eyes with just a tiny bit of (or alot of) wrinkling, slightly angry or furrowed eyebrows, super defined cheek bones and chin, curly or wavy hair, smile lines on cheeks, bulbous or rounded noses, and lots of lines around the face from expressions.

Please let me know what you think and tell me if you find other artists that you think draw similar to themselves! I used all of these images without permission from the artists websites, but they all seem pretty cool so i think i'll be fine. I hope i didnt insult them either because all of these artists are ridiculously talented and inspire me each in different ways. Night everybody.