February 16, 2011


Just a quick blog post today- Heres a pair of shoes i just finished. They're hawaiian themed so i used my limited knowledge of hawaii to create this pair. Ive done a hokusai inspired pair before so it was interesting to see how i could use what i learned doing the last pair to do this one. I dont do any preliminary work usually when i do shoes unless the client asks for it so its always a much more zen process working on shoes then on say, comics. It forces me to slow down and edit myself in the very early sages of a design which i always think makes for an interesting process and leads to stuff that i wouldnt normally produce, which i love.

Bonus art- new sketchbook. Gouache, 4 hrs.

real real raw. if you want to commission a pair of shoes or a custom sketchbook
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and ill be adding new stuff to my website hopefully this weekend! stay tuned.
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February 4, 2011


Here are the comic strips i produced for the cartooning class i took in japan

These were also a little ways outside my comfort zone but were really fun to do. I have almost zero experience with one panel gags so writing ended up being one of the hardest parts but working on theme felt alot looser and more free than usual when working on comics. Im a little disappointed with the inking, but time was a big issue so i didn't have a chance to redo it. we also did a 'sunday' strip- heres the uncolored version which i liked alot better.
And hey, if you're reading this blog you probably already know this but ive got a website now, which you can find here-
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