February 16, 2011


Just a quick blog post today- Heres a pair of shoes i just finished. They're hawaiian themed so i used my limited knowledge of hawaii to create this pair. Ive done a hokusai inspired pair before so it was interesting to see how i could use what i learned doing the last pair to do this one. I dont do any preliminary work usually when i do shoes unless the client asks for it so its always a much more zen process working on shoes then on say, comics. It forces me to slow down and edit myself in the very early sages of a design which i always think makes for an interesting process and leads to stuff that i wouldnt normally produce, which i love.

Bonus art- new sketchbook. Gouache, 4 hrs.

real real raw. if you want to commission a pair of shoes or a custom sketchbook
 hit me up- here
and ill be adding new stuff to my website hopefully this weekend! stay tuned.
tait howard dot com

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  1. Aw snap that sketchbook is delicious my friend. I had no idea that's what it was going to be.