July 7, 2011


So heres a little something I just put together this weekend! My pal has a full on upright arcade machine and a little while ago I asked if I could paint it for him since customizing an arcade machine has been a pretty much lifelong dream of mine. In exchange hes helping me build a bartop arcade of my own! It was actually a really simple project and he gave me a lot of freedom with what i wanted to do design-wise so it was super fun to do. Heres some process-

First I gessoed the whole side of the arcade because the shiny plastic coating wasnt taking paint very well.

Then some basic shapes and underpainting.

 Then detailing and adding some background. This is all acrylic paint and at the end we coated it with some clear polyurethane to keep the paint safe.

Crazy monster power charge!!!!

And then adding a little bit of retro flavor!!

And finally a bitchin' title for a bitchin' arcade! 


Voila! It was a big canvas and I had never tried something like this before, but it turned out great! let me know what you think! If youre interested in buying an upright or bartop arcade machine I will be making more and selling them on my etsy in the very near future and will definitely be taking custom orders so check back soon!

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